Sunday, December 26, 2010

Msg: Happy In God

  For the last Sunday of the year, I asked Bryan Drummond if he would like to share a message with the church while we went back to visit family in Michigan for Christmas. Bryan has been doing a great job leading the Youth Group, High School Sunday School, and launching our new band. To top that off, he and his wife just had their second child recently. But somehow, he said yes. And God showed up through the whole process.
   Many have spent their lives in the pursuit of happiness and never arrived. Others have thought they had a handle on it and have tried to give us advice, most of which conflicts with what others have to say about it. What's you plan been to achieve happiness in life? Today Bryan shares a message with us about three people who thought they had found it, only to realize too late that the momentary rush they felt was nothing compared to true happiness. We learn from them how to pursue a happiness in life that outshines all the rest. As you make the transition to a new year, may this be the beginning of your road to happiness in God.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Msg: Who Is God, Really? - Part 5

Today we conclude the series on who God is, but we'll never be done talking about Him! As you listen to today's message, here's the last three points I want to make sure you don't miss:

  • Even though God created the universe and everything in it, He loves specifically you and wants a relationship with you
  • Because God has sent His Holy Spirit to live in you once you put your faith in Him, He wants us to have peace.
  • God wants us to have hope despite the hardships we face, because they have a purpose and so does He.
May God continue to bless you as you go on the journey of a lifetime discovering the truth of Who Is God, Really.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Msg: Who Is God, Really? - Part 4

Today we investigate Who Is God, Really by looking at three common lies people believe about God but may never tell anyone. These ideas are based on the book, Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, but they are certainly not believed by just women. As we look at these lies, we study the truth that comes from God's Word and how living based on the truth can change our lives.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Msg: Who Is God, Really? - Part 3

   As we continue through the middle of our series on Who Is God, Really we come to a story of Close Encounters of the God Kind. What's remarkable about the story is that God chooses to use not just a criminal, but someone who is unqualified and certainly unable to do the task on his own that God gives him to do. Listen in as we look at a familiar story from Exodus 3 and consider who God Is and how He chooses to use people even today.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Msg: Who Is God, Really? - Part 2

   Today we look at another aspect of Who Is God in light of two very real issues facing our world today - domestic violence and bullying in our schools. Are the problems that big? Does God care? Does He want us as believers to do something about it?
   The truth is, yes the problems are that serious, yes God cares, and yes there is something He wants us to do. In many ways, we have gone away from what God teaches us about relationships. It's not just about teaching right from wrong, but teaching about love and grace. Listen to today's message to get hope if you're in an abusive relationship and what the rest of us need to think about in light of what Jesus has taught us.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Msg: Who Is God, Really? - Part 1

   This week we start our new series on Who Is God, Really? The problem is, many of us may have some misconceptions about who God is and what He is like. I know I sure did growing up. In fact, I came to the point where I was convinced God didn't exist. I don't think that way anymore. I had a lot of questions, and found the best source to answer those comes right from the Bible. Too bad sometimes people go looking in the Bible to make it say what they want instead of listening to just how God describes Himself and His desire to have a loving relationship with us.
   Today we look at one of those passages in Scripture that focuses in on just who Jesus is and how great His love is for us. Listen in as we look at the beginning of Philippians chapter 2 as Paul describes how our attitude should be like that of Jesus.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Msg: The Unveiling

Have you ever been waiting for something you thought would be great, but then found out it wouldn't really change your life like you hoped it would? Check out this message on the greatest unveiling that ever happened and how it really could change your life today.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Msg: What are You Planning For?

   When it comes to those things in life that we want to go the best, we plan for them. We don't just hope it goes great when it really matters. We take the time to make sure we are ready. This Sunday is a planning time for the Unveiling event to happen next Sunday, as we share in communion together.
   In today's message, we take a look at what Luke recorded about the communion meal Jesus shared with His disciples the night he was arrested and later the next day sent to the cross. It's something Jesus looked forward to and made preparations for in advance. At the end of the message, you'll here an update from our Bishop, Phil Whipple, regarding the denomination and the plans for National Conference next summer.

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Msg: Dressed for Success

   There are certain times in life where we just want to look our best, not like we picked up something off the floor and threw it on as we went out the door. Sometimes as Christians, we can get stuck thinking our outside appearance is the most important thing as well. Sure, we should look and act different from those who don't think life matters, but it's not the most important thing. In fact, our attempts at putting on a sin free persona can make others think the Christian life is too hard, or that we are just a bunch of hypocrites.
   We all have some degree of willpower. If we want to change, we might be able to do it on our own. The problem is when try to make significant life changes without God, we fall flat. That's when the world sees a disconnect between what we say about God and what they really see in us. When we look again at Paul's letter to the Colossian church, we see that the place to start is not with our actions, but rather with our heart.
   Near the end of this message, you get a chance to hear Kady's story of what God has done in her life and why she chose to be baptized to express her faith. If you haven't already done so, go over to the videos section of our Facebook page and see Kady tell her story and watch the baptism celebration. God is moving in people's lives through the ministry of Park UB.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Msg: How to Live the Life You Wanted

   If you think back to that magical question when you started Kindergarten, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I bet you probably didn't quite get there. For some, life has turned out a little different, for others quite a lot. Although we may not have married the prince/princess and live in the castle, there are some commonalities all of us had in our dreams. The thing is, I think the Bible points us to the way to enjoy life and see part of our dreams come true. As we continue in Colossians, Paul gives us the clues to make sure our focus is in the right place. He reminds his readers, you and I included, of the hope we have and should already be realizing here. Maybe for some, it's time to rethink what we are chasing after.
   At the end of this message, you'll hear the stories of 3 of the 4 ladies that were baptized at the end of August. Make sure to check out the videos on the Park UB Facebook page and become a fan if you haven't already. Is it time your story was told?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Msg: Living Beyond the Shadows

   Have you ever had a cat that would chase things that were not really there? Growing up, "Sparky" would chase shadows for a long time, thinking there was something he could get if he kept on trying harder. Sometimes, we get tricked the same way Sparky did - not that we ever want to admit it. Advertisers make money by being able to influence you into going after something you think will make your life better, often to sadly find out that awesome thing was only a shadow of what you thought it would be.
   In this message, we continue reading in Paul's letter to the church in Colosse and see where they were running into similar problems. Others were coming in and telling them that if they really wanted to know God, there were things they needed to do and special knowledge that only some would be able to obtain. Thanks be to God for the clear truth we see in His Word alone. Be encouraged as you listen. At the end of the message, I begin to give the vision for what it means to be a 4G kind of church: Gather, Grow, Give & Go - all to the glory of God.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Msg: I Have a Problem

   I do have a problem, and maybe you have a similar one. Actually, I have two related problems. One has to do with the cat that keeps showing up on our back porch, which our cat is not very happy about. I don't know how to speak "Cat-oneze" in a way for this cat to understand me. I sometimes run into a similar problem with people - I just don't know how to speak their language in a way that expresses who I am and what I'm about. Maybe you run into that too.
   The real issue for me is that I want to express how Jesus has changed my life for the better, and how I think He wants to have an impact on the lives of others. Sometimes, I just think that people should adapt to my way of doing things and looking at life, and I need to trade in my way for a common ground between us.
   Today's message begins with a quick sermon you can find on YouTube by Tamara Lowe. I think she's found a way to speak to a lot of people in a way they understand.

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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Msg: Change is Good

   Change can be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes it's planned, sometimes it comes out of seemingly no where. Most politicians will use change as their campaign slogan, assuming people don't like the status quo, but often times not saying what the actual change will be. Like it or not, few things stay the same forever so we all need to be ready for things to change at some point.
   In this first message at Park UB, I begin to compare my journey to Park with the start of Paul's letter to a group of people at a city called Colosse many years ago. Time and space separate us from them, but in many ways we aren't that different. Like them, have you considered what you may need to let God change in your life so He can use you more? Change is good.
   My prayer is for you to blessed in hearing this as Paul's audience was by his letter so many years ago. As you listen, be patient -the mic was turned up too high for much of it, but gets better. Thanks for being a part of Park.

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Welcome to Park

Thanks for stopping by. In this place, you will find an intro to the message for the week and a link to be able to download or play the MP3 of the message. May this be a blessing to you.