Sunday, August 15, 2010

Msg: I Have a Problem

   I do have a problem, and maybe you have a similar one. Actually, I have two related problems. One has to do with the cat that keeps showing up on our back porch, which our cat is not very happy about. I don't know how to speak "Cat-oneze" in a way for this cat to understand me. I sometimes run into a similar problem with people - I just don't know how to speak their language in a way that expresses who I am and what I'm about. Maybe you run into that too.
   The real issue for me is that I want to express how Jesus has changed my life for the better, and how I think He wants to have an impact on the lives of others. Sometimes, I just think that people should adapt to my way of doing things and looking at life, and I need to trade in my way for a common ground between us.
   Today's message begins with a quick sermon you can find on YouTube by Tamara Lowe. I think she's found a way to speak to a lot of people in a way they understand.

Click here to listen

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