Sunday, August 22, 2010

Msg: Living Beyond the Shadows

   Have you ever had a cat that would chase things that were not really there? Growing up, "Sparky" would chase shadows for a long time, thinking there was something he could get if he kept on trying harder. Sometimes, we get tricked the same way Sparky did - not that we ever want to admit it. Advertisers make money by being able to influence you into going after something you think will make your life better, often to sadly find out that awesome thing was only a shadow of what you thought it would be.
   In this message, we continue reading in Paul's letter to the church in Colosse and see where they were running into similar problems. Others were coming in and telling them that if they really wanted to know God, there were things they needed to do and special knowledge that only some would be able to obtain. Thanks be to God for the clear truth we see in His Word alone. Be encouraged as you listen. At the end of the message, I begin to give the vision for what it means to be a 4G kind of church: Gather, Grow, Give & Go - all to the glory of God.

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