Sunday, December 26, 2010

Msg: Happy In God

  For the last Sunday of the year, I asked Bryan Drummond if he would like to share a message with the church while we went back to visit family in Michigan for Christmas. Bryan has been doing a great job leading the Youth Group, High School Sunday School, and launching our new band. To top that off, he and his wife just had their second child recently. But somehow, he said yes. And God showed up through the whole process.
   Many have spent their lives in the pursuit of happiness and never arrived. Others have thought they had a handle on it and have tried to give us advice, most of which conflicts with what others have to say about it. What's you plan been to achieve happiness in life? Today Bryan shares a message with us about three people who thought they had found it, only to realize too late that the momentary rush they felt was nothing compared to true happiness. We learn from them how to pursue a happiness in life that outshines all the rest. As you make the transition to a new year, may this be the beginning of your road to happiness in God.

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