Sunday, January 23, 2011

Msg: Life Is Temporary: Where is your treasure?

   The world we live in today can give us a lot of things to worry about. The question is, are you looking for something to fall back on when times are tough, or Someone to lift you up? Worry is something we were never meant to live with. The truth we read from God's Word is that He cares for even the lowly, despised, and weak things in the world - and you mean so much more to Him!
   As we look again at the life of Jesus from Luke 12, we see Jesus explaining the relationship between worry and faith. Worrying gets you nowhere in life. Worrying is not something a Christian should do, because it shows a lack of faith. Our Father in heaven wants to bless us and knows our needs. Begin today to live life differently, trusting in a God who loves you, cares for you, and wants you to believe He will supply your needs. And remember, life is temporary, so what are you living for?

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