Sunday, February 27, 2011

Msg: What is Love? You Give Love a Bad Name

   When it comes to love, we can find a lot of ways to get it wrong. These first three weeks in this series at Park, we are looking at how we get love wrong sometimes and how to get it right. Next Sunday we wrap up the series on ways Jesus got it right. Jesus taught that it wasn't by what we say, but by how we love one another that people will really know we are followers of Him.
   So, how is your love an attitude in action? Today, we look at the end of Hebrews to learn about love. We are admonished to love one another like brothers, and different ways that might look like. We are encouraged to entertain strangers, never knowing when one might be an angel. Brotherly love also means remembering those who are mistreated and the sanctity of marriage. Finally, we look at brotherly love and how that is a part of living content with what God has blessed us with. Near the end of the message we looked at a video from Jars of Clay encouraging us in how to show our love. To close, we looked at the words Jesus spoke about the difference between those who said they knew God, and those who showed it by their love to those around them. Show yours today.

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