Sunday, March 06, 2011

Msg: What Is Love? Made to Love

   I always loved watching Primitive Pete in shop class in 7th grade. He was always using tools for something other than their intended purpose, like hitting a screwdriver with a hammer instead of getting out a chisel. Sometimes we do that in life. Knowing the purpose a tool was created for leads to greater results, a more satisfying experience and less frustration. Life here is the same way.
   Let me ask you something, is your first thought in the morning, “How can I be a joy to You today, Lord?” That’s central to our purpose. We were made to love God and be loved by Him. Today, we look at how the Bible describes a life dedicated to loving God and being loved by Him. To get a sense of what our love to God and others should look like, we look at the truths that Scriptures say about how great the Father’s love is for us.

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