Sunday, July 31, 2011

Msg: Better Days Ahead - Week 1

   Have you ever had a hard time finding something, only to later realize it was right in front of you all the time? The first time someone showed me a 3D Stereogram, I hated it. You know, those pictures that look like repeating patters or just random dots on a page, that somehow have a 3D image hidden in them? Once I learned the trick (crossing your eyes and then focusing through the page as your eyes uncross) I was amazed at what had been there all the time. My mind tried to tell me it wasn’t, but now I could see.
   The same thing happens in life – seeming chaos all around us but the picture is right in front of us. The issue is perspective, learning to see from a different vantage point. In our last series at Park, we introduced the song “Give Me Your Eyes” to think about looking at life from God’s perspective. This week we start a new series on the life of Joseph from the Old Testament. In his life, things start off great and begin to go much, much worse. As the story unfolds, you may find yourself in one of the characters. The good news is that even though you may not be able to see Him yet, God is there in the center of it all and wants to lead you to better days ahead.

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