Sunday, August 28, 2011

Msg: Better Days Ahead - Week 5

   Last week was the turning point in the story of Joseph, going from rags to riches. But that's far from the end of the story. This week it's time for a forgotten dream to come true, and the pain that came with sharing that dream. Joseph once again meets his brothers, but this time plays a game with them to see if they have really changed.
   While there are many parallels we can see from Joseph to Jesus, one thing is not the same: Jesus does not play games with us. When we pursue a love relationship with Him, he is accepting and receives us unconditionally. While it's true that God still allows hardship in our life, it is never to play a game with us. The other major theme in today's story is guilt. Is there something you are holding onto? We see how the actions of Joseph's brothers more than twenty years prior are still haunting them, believing God is punishing them. God desires to show us His love, and for us to repent from our past sins and seek true forgiveness from Him. Consider where your life is at today and look forward to better days ahead.

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