Sunday, September 11, 2011

Msg: Better Days Ahead - Week 7

   Your life can change in a moment. We all learned that 10 years ago, when the unthinkable happened to our nation. So much has changed since those moments when hijacked planes struck the world trade center, Pentagon, and crashed in a field before reaching the fourth target. In many ways, it's like the abrupt changes that happened in the life of Joseph.
   Today, we finish the story of this man who went from favored son, to slave, and then to prisoner. After being forgotten, he in a moment was exulted to the second in command of a nation. Throughout the ups and downs of his life, Joseph remained committed to honoring God and as we see again today, gives God praise even for the difficult periods in his life. As Joseph continues to show care for his brothers, he can now see the bigger picture of what God has been doing through his life. The question throughout the series hasn't been whether you can make sense of everything going on in your life at the moment, but are you looking forward to better days ahead?

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