Sunday, October 23, 2011

Msg: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! - Week 5

   So far in this series we have seen who Jesus is through the actions He does. Sometimes He's healing in crowds, other times one-on-one. . He overcomes anything, to the surprise of His disciples. Whether it is a physical disability, sickness, demon possession, or even nature there is nothing He can’t do. And there’s a progression to the power we see through Jesus.
   Today, we jump into chapter 5 at the point where a man comes running to Jesus and falls at his feet to beg Him to heal is daughter. And this isn’t just any man, he is the ruler of the local synagogue. Any religions leaders we have seen up to this point have been challenging Jesus and looking for ways to kill Him. This man’s life is going to change regardless of whether Jesus heals his daughter. He doesn’t care what anybody else thinks, but simply comes trusting in Jesus to do something. That’s what faith is, acting on what you believe even if you haven’t seen it happen to you yet. Have you ever come to Jesus that way? As Jesus turns to follow this man, He is interrupted by another who has left it all behind to come to Jesus. I pray that as you listen to this message, your faith will be strengthened and you will have a personal moment coming to Jesus with faith like these. Now on your mark, get set, go!

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