Sunday, November 06, 2011

Msg: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! - Week 7

   We all have traditions - things that are special to us. Many have been handed down to us from parents and grandparents. We have a certain way we do things and times when they seem important to do them. Traditions are more than just a habit, but can grow out of them. Traditions may be right or wrong. Your way of doing something may be different than mine, but does that make either of us wrong? We run into this in the church with music. Some prefer the older hymns, others like more contemporary styles with more instruments. Is either wrong? Is there some standard we can measure against?
   In today's message, we look at Jesus talking about traditions. He is challenged by the religious leaders around him because they say he is wrong for not following certain traditions. Jesus turns the story upside down on them. Their challenge is about what makes a person clean, and they think that the ceremonial washing they do makes a difference in a person's standing with God. Jesus gets to the real issue of what makes a person clean before God, and it isn't about what we do for a show to others. Jesus teaches here that what comes out of our heart is a better indicator of our spiritual condition than what we eat or other actions that try to look holy.
   What about you? Is your religion based on following actions that have been handed down to you, or is it about worship to Jesus because you have a relationship with Him that is real and personal? That's what makes the difference. Listen in and be encouraged today.

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