Sunday, May 27, 2012

MSG: It's Good 2B Mom - Week 3

In week three, we look at a different kind of mother: a mother-in-law. Not too many of those tattoos out there. But if Naomi was your mother-in-law, you might think twice about it. She's the opposite of Jezebel that we studied last week. What was it about her that made her daughter-in-law give up everything to follow her when her husband died? Today we look at how God used the lives of these two widows in His grand story. And in her story, we see again that God gives us hope for life today.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

MSG: It's Good 2B Mom - Week 2

In week two of our series, we look at the person some have called the baddest of the bad in the Bible - Jezebel. Like the character played by Bette Davis in the 1938 film, she was known for doing evil in the eyes of the Lord. How bad was she? You'll see in today's message. But even "bad" people can teach us good things. We'll see if her children learned anything how to believe and belong from her, or if they followed in her footsteps.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

MSG: It's Good 2B Mom - Week 1

We hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic Mother's Day. At Park, we started a new series about the things we learn from moms, both from the good and not so good. The 2B's we learn about from our moms are to "believe" and "belong" and these impact how we behave. There is a reason why the mom tattoo is the most popular of all time.

In week one, we look at the story of Elkanah and his two wives, Pennina and Hannah. Clearly, it's an old story that comes from the time before men learned that having more than one wife is a bad idea. As we look at Hannah's story we will learn why it's vital to make prayer a priority, make worship a habit, and make sacrifice an expectation in our lives.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Msg: Obsession: Worship is for more than...a religion

In the final message in this series, we look at a stumbling block for many in living with an obsession to worship Jesus. Thinking of worship as just a religious activity falls way short of what God intended. As we'll study today, religious activities can be good, but "right activities + wrong motives = epic fail!"

So what is your heart burning for?