Sunday, September 16, 2012

Daring to Dream Again - Preview Week

At Park UB, we're getting ready to go on an adventure. A 50 day spiritual adventure is a time for intensive study and spiritual growth. This series is all about overcoming barriers that hold you back.

To start, we ask two questions:
1. If you had no fear of failure, what would you attempt for God?
2. What is it you would like to lay at the Master's feet when your life is over?

Don't be confused - it's not about you and the size of what you attempt. But what you choose to do with the opportunities God gives you makes a difference. Are you living with purpose and prayer, or floating in the wind? For many people, we let different barriers hold us back from following after God in the way He desires. Will you let Him help you discover those barriers over the next 50 days and experience life with freedom?

As we learn together in this preview message, be forewarned: you should expect a dip before an advance. Change can be difficult and many quit too soon. May you draw strength from your Savior as you let Him lead you through the changes He desires for you to live in freedom from the barriers that have been holding you back. It's time to dream again.

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